COVID Regulations in Costa Rica

Costa Rican COVID regulations say the country is open to tourists across the globe for 2021. The flights run on a regular basis from SJO Airport. The mandate for entry into Costa Rica are less strict than most countries and please keep in mind they do alter on a regular basis. 

Costa Rican Government Regulations 2021

Health Pass

This online health pass form will be available 48 hours before boarding.  An individual form must be completed for every person, including minors.


Tourists must request from their health insurer a certification issued in English or Spanish written in a formal letter format. Stating that it covers COVID if you fall ill during your stay in Costa Rica. Keep in mind this is different to health pass.

Vaccination QR Code

Proof of negative COVID test is requirement, currently pending for Dec. 1 will be the required QR Code of the vaccination.

OUR COVID Protocol 

We, Costa Rica Explorer ensure and require a standard regulation of safety and hygiene during all our activities to prevent the spread of COVID. We ask all clients wishing to perform any activity to be of full of health and any prior injuries/illnesses to be notified. 


We are avoiding mixing groups of people in one activity. We have designed our tours so that most tours will be set as a private tour with no additional cost. 

We encourage families and friends to stay in the same social bubble during their adventure activities to adhere as best they can to COVID regulations during their stay in Costa Rica.  


All guests are required to use masks upon arrival, during transportation to the activity and until instructions are given by guides that it is safe to remove them. 



We provide three water adventure activities – rafting, surf lessons, and waterfall adventures. We disinfect all the equipment used and transportation to and from the location, prior to every tour. Additionally, all the equipment will be washed after every activity. 



We offer snacks in our activities, and  separately prepare snacks for the team and for clients. Our team are required to wear masks during the snack preparation, and an  alcohol based disinfectant gel is provided for prior to eating any snacks.

Bests COVID prevention practices for tour activities in Costa Rica 2021


Reserve Online

There are information offices open and hotels help with arranging tours but booking directly online requires minimum interaction and allows us to proactively engage with social distancing rules.


Avoid Crowded Activities

For most activities, weekends are  usually the most busy. We recommend weekday bookings for less crowds.


Respect Mask and Sanitation Regulations during activities

Please help adhere to sanitary regulations asked by restaurants, supermarkets and public locations. As a visitor not adhearing to rules, can cost a small business or whole area to close their business with a fee or to close permanently. 


Coronavirus cases



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Covid Figures Collected 8 Nov 2021 from Data

“Uncertainty and restrictions related to the pandemic caused world tourism to collapse, and our country received a third of the tourists who normally visit Costa Rica” 

Tourism Minister – Gustavo Segura

Where to get COVID PCR Test in Dominical Area before going back?


Near Dominical

 In the Uvita/Dominical area, Vargas Consultorio Medico (affiliated lab) can perform the test. Here is a link to their location. Results are provided within 72 hours. The price is 120,000 colones (about $195). This is one of the more expensive testing options in comparison to some others.

Other facilities in the Uvita area are Hospital Metropolitano in Quepos (see above), which charges 68,000 colones (about $111), or Laboratorio Biotest in San Isidro de El General (see below), which charges 80,000 colones (about $130).



Near San Jose

A reputable lab offering the test is Labin (authorized lab). They have many locations all around San Jose. This may be an easier option because you would not have to navigate through a larger hospital and figure out where you need to go. Results are provided within 24-48 hours. Cost: 59,000 colones (about $96)