The Uvita canyon is a great first canyoneering trip for anyone looking for a fun, exciting experience surrounded by beautiful Costa Rican nature. 5 rappels with a max hight of 45 ft give clients plenty of chances to enjoy the thrill of canyoneering in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Uvita Waterfall – Canyoning

  • All participants can join
  • Highest descent is 45ft (13m)
  • Total of 5 Rappels
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Min. Requirement: 3
  • Max harness weight 240Lbs/120Kg

What's included?

Fruit + Water


Photos (from phone)

Rappelling  Equipment

Entrance Fee 

Appropriate footwear

closed toed, lightweight athletic shoes with good grip on wet rock. Soft rubber soles grip rock best, and lighter shoes are easier to swim in.

Appropriate clothing

lightweight, fitted, synthetic clothes. Nothing to big or baggy that will prohibit swimming. Cotton isn’t good because it does not insulate when wet. A long sleeve rash guard and athletic shorts or board shorts are ideal.

The canyon in San Salvador on the lower Diamanté offers an amazing canyoneering experience for those seeking an epic adventure. With the highest rappel of 150 ft, a 25 ft cliff jump (that can be rappelled if clients prefer), and a 20 ft water slide there is plenty of opportunity for the adrenaline seekers have an unforgettable experience. Incredible scenic and exhilarating but also somewhat physically demanding.

Diamante Waterfall – Canyoning

  • ONLY for adventure seekers
  • Highest descent is 150ft (45m)
  • Total of 3 Rappels & waterslide
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
  • Min. Requirement: 3
  • Max harness weight 240Lbs/120Kg

What to bring?

Water Shoes*




Bathing Suit

Exclusive Offer


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